May 5 2017:: It's "Cinco de' Mayo"! New projects keep rolling in to get ready for a prosperous "Busy Season", Summertime online! This is the best time to start a website, the buzz is kicking in and everyone is online spending!!! Plus, we are excited to announce we have lowered our prices due to moving to our new Awesome Hosting Servers provider!

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   Mar. 10 2017:: A lot has occured since the last news entry. We have relocated our complete network to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our new AWS servers are speedy and efficient beyond our wildest expectations! We are happy with the move and will continue to provide top notch service to our design and hosting clients in the years to come!!

   Feb. 2 2017:: It's Groundhog day and it's cold outside! It's still cold and I guess more coming so the Groundhog Says!! Is it warm enough for you to go outdoors yet, having fun?? Well it doesn't matter to us, we're in the office no matter what the weather outside!! You can always count on our team to work diligently on your website during development and after!!

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   Sept 5 2016:: New projects keep rolling in to get ready for a prosperous "The Busy Shopping Season", Fall and Winter online! This is the best time to start a website, the buzz is kicking in and everyone is online spending!!!!!

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