Here at VBS (Video Broadcast Software), we always strive to provide our Clients with the very best! Our support is fanatical to say the least! Many years ago our website development company Eden2000 (in business since 1997!), started receiving more inquires from people about live Video/Audio/Chat solutions.

   We went out and tested every single web application available for Internet Broadcast of Video/Audio; either Pre-recorded, or Live. We found other software and systems inferior and so we developed a complete system based on all of the others and the needs of the business. We are now able to provide you with several solutions to meet your Video Software needs.

   If you want the Fastest, Easiest, most Efficient and Configurable Video/Audio chat solution, we can provide it to you. This is a complete business model from start to finish. It has everything you need to start up your live video cam website within a very short time. Most site setups and designs only take about 2 to 4 weeks!